Obama Vows to Prove the Unprovable

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Obama Vows to Prove the Unprovable

by Stephen Lendman 

A long ago disgraced US president appears part of an ongoing coup attempt to deny Trump the office he won - a terrifying scenario heading for full-blown tyranny if a way isn't found to stop it.

If successful, things will never be the same again. Be scared. Be very scared. Get involved to save the remnants of remaining freedoms before they're gone and it's too late.

At his yearend press conference, the last one of his presidency, he vowed to prove the unprovable, saying:

"We will provide evidence that we can safely provide, that does not compromise sources and methods. But I'll be honest with you, when you're talking about cybersecurity, a lot of it is classified and we are not going to provide it, because the way we catch folks is by knowing certain things about them that they don't want us to know."

"The intelligence I've seen gives me great confidence in their assessment that the Russians carried out this hack - the hack of the DNC and the hack of John Podesta."

Fact: Obama lied like he always does. No US election hacking occurred - not by Russia or anyone else.

Fact: Leaks from disenchanted Democrats opposed to Hillary's candidacy supplied information to WikiLeaks - insiders, not foreign sources.

Fact: Obama knows this, yet lied anyway, claiming nonexistent hacks.

Fact: Whenever his so-called investigation is completed, he'll provide no credible evidence of what didn't occur, just rubbish claiming otherwise, most likely nothing, claiming "classified" information won't be released.

Obama barely stopped short of blaming Putin for what happened, saying "not much happens in Russia without" his involvement.

Neither he or anyone in his government or serving it in any way interfered in America's election. The charge is absurd on its face. 

It would be laughable if not for its serious implications - an attempt to stoke confrontation with another nuclear super-power, along with full-blown homeland tyranny if the coup plot succeeds.

Obama: "Our goal continues to be to send a clear message to Russia or others not do this to us because we can do stuff to you."

Fact: His goal is heading things closer to war on Russia, along with denying Trump the office he won, wanting losing candidate Hillary installed as president, the way fascist dictatorships work.

After his press conference, he left for a Hawaii vacation while parts of the world he set ablaze burn, likely advancing the anti-Trump coup plot, the likes of which never happened in America before.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net. 

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."


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