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Announcing the launch of Survivor Max II: School Bites

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After much anticipation, the second installment of Survivor Max is now available! 

Announcing the launch of
Survivor Max II: School Bites
on October 31st!

Limited Time Offer!
Ge"Survivor Max I: Too Smart To Die" 
as a FREE Kindle download from October 26th to 30th!

"This second installment in the Survivor Max series
 is sometimes brutal, always unpredictable, and it
kept me turning pages way passed my bedtime." 

- Jim Krut, The Helicopter Zombie (

Eleven-year-old Max has escaped the high walls of Lockshire Estates joined by a new companion, a girl named Ellie. Now they must venture through the plague-infested world outside. Armed with only his Porcupine Freedom Scouts training, a pack of survival gear, and his determination, Max is desperate to find the medicine he needs to save his new friend. Instead he finds a wasteland of empty houses crawling with flesh-eating "creepers" that stalk the living to satisfy their appetite for fresh meat. After a chance encounter at his former school, Max is taken into custody against his will. Has he finally found the safe haven he's been looking for? Have they found the community and security they need to rebuild long-term? Or will he discover that school bites?

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