The Mind Machine-It KNOWS What You Are Thinking and It is Going to Tell!

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I often find it hard to covey why it is I go ballistic (maybe I shouldn’t use the word ballistic….) over all of the data gathering and info sharing being done by the government.  (Oops!  Ballistic and government in the same sentence, “The Mind Machine” will surely find that interesting.)
Your word for the day is “Predictive Analytics
This article dated Sept 26, 2010 tells us about The Mind Machine.  Essentially it plows through huge volumes of data such as phone calls, emails and social networks.  The computer system, we are told, can actually detect “resentment” and “obsessiveness” towards the government by various means such as analyzing a person’s “voice biometrics” and the content of their messages.
Then, the Magical Mind Machine will dispatch law enforcement to spy on you.
 “. . .once the individual has been identified, the information can be passed along to authorities so surveillance can begin”
There are other applications for the Mind Machine as well.
Hat tip to James Lane Co-host of the Free Mind Report

Read it for yourself;
Technology identifies troubled individuals 

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Comment by Ross Wolf
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Is this New Mind Machine a SCAM U.S. Taxpayers Can’t Afford?

The article states a New Mind Machine can detect e.g., a threat to the president when he is visiting “say Texas.” That the computerized Mind Machine can scan through huge amounts of information obtained through the National Security Agency including phone calls and electronic messages sent e-mail and through social networking mechanisms to uncover data in a given area. That the Mind Machine can detect the same patterns of fixation on specified subjects—identify psychological profiles revealed with lone bombers following the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, to isolate signs that point to a potential terrorist.

Is this a Scam? For example: (Obviously as we approach November millions of Texans and other Americans are (fixated on coming 2010 elections) and repeatedly express by phone and email their discontent with the President.) How would the Mind Machine rate those millions of Americans, (potential terrorists?) Citizens in Texas and other states vehemently blame Obama for the horrific recession and express that everyday in web postings and emails; how would the Mind Machine separate outspoken Americans from real potential terrorists about to cause harm? This article mentioned the Mind Machine can rate Negativity and Positivity with depression and other emotional disorders to determine if someone harbors hatred and deep resentment toward government. So What! Millions of Americans, perhaps more than anytime in U.S. History now harbor hatred and deep resentment toward Congress and the Government. The news reported 78% of Americans don’t trust Congress. More than half of Americans don’t trust their government.

After it was publicized NSA under Bush II illegally wiretapped millions of Americans’ electronic communications, most of the country harbored deep resentment toward government” so how would the Mind Machine rated those Citizens (potential terrorists) because they spoke repeatedly against illegal government wiretaps. It should be noted this article mentioned the Mind Machine program, can be used by psychologists and other mental health providers working with war veterans, law enforcement officials and others to measure their progress in recovery.

Perhaps next, government/police; state psychologists will want to detain/arrest Americans because they failed to pass the Mind Machine profile test when it was scanning their private emails, phone calls and website comments. The USSR used similar profiling to incarcerate and commit to mental hospitals political activists to shut them up.

Historical Note: The USSR trained some of their Spies to monitor their physiological reactions to pass lie detector tests when they were lying. Russian KGB agents were taught not only to "monitor" their body language, but copy and implement other people’s' body language including mannerisms when on a mission to prevent their body language being read. KGB training included covertly filming their agents’ “body language” and recording their voice during a mission, then providing the film to the agent so he or she could repeatedly review the film and recording to modify their body language and voice patterns to avoid detection. It appears unlikely the New Brain Machine could always discern a professional terrorist on video or sound tape. It is foreseeable sophisticated terrorists would copy and emulate other people’s non-threatening body language and portray different character types, including when speaking just like actors do, to avoid detection by TSA airport security and other government security. TSA airport and other government-trained security may actually thwart their ability to spot terrorists boarding flights by trusting too much “Spot–Screening Passenger Techniques” at airports that rely on body language; verbal communication patterns, including related phone calls and emails. Persons at security checkpoints who are on certain prescribed medications can incorrectly be read by security and technological observation systems.

It is a security concern whether U.S. Government can keep their air passenger observation techniques and other methods used to scan for potential terrorists secret, when government provides that information to so may trainees. It is foreseeable more sophisticated terrorists could use that training information to circumvent security, implementing verbal and non-verbal elements (body language) to get past TSA’s and other security. Before U.S. Taxpayers buy this so-called Mind Machine, an independent observer needs to be employed to study and determine the machines’ actual value as a mind reading tool.

Comment by Alan Neuman
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And I thought I lived in the land of the free and home of the brave.... What was I thinking? Will someone please show me one individual, just one, who isn't pissed off at the government? Does that make us all terrorists? I think we need to stop voting and start getting out the tar and feathers and go after the mentally deranged so called psychologists that started this insanity!

Comment by Chris Wagner
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Santa's turned.....   should have known.   damn redcoat!

Comment by Dracula Tepish
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note to big facist brother blow it out your rearend you are not god but a bunch of wannabees who are sick in the head got me bleeper