More on the titillating saga of SC senatorial candidate, Alvin Greene

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It just doesn't get any better than this.

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Comment by Esther Cook
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 All he's accused of is making a pass at a girl. Crude and tasteless--I would have been grossed out too. But felony?

His real crimes are-- (1)black man making a pass at a white girl (at least they didn't kill him) and (2) running for Senate.

My money is on votescam, too--has there been any exit poll to give a line on what the voters really did?

Comment by Found Zero
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Yeah LoTek, checkit: "folks, this is nuts, look at it".

Helluva legal case your Horronor. But I for one support a full, exhaustive and independent investigation of this possible electoral fraud and obvious abomination. We need to objectively identify how such a thing could have happened and those responsible for letting it happen.

My money is on "sorry, we forgot to purge the hacked software from the last rigged election".

Comment by Rich Baker
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 Apparently the voters didn't like what they saw in Greens opponent and voted for the unknown.We may see more of this this year.

Comment by Nick Barnett
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This is so friggin great, I love it! The best part is the clip of the defeated judge complaining to a camera. LOL

Here is where I will interject the required "Isn't he supposed to be innocent until proven guilty?" statement.