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Iowa Poll made of Straw - Iowa GOP refuses to allow any Validation of Computer results

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Regular readers of this site know my opinion about computers counting elections. But so that my position is clear to all new readers I'll make it simple. The only condition under which I would even think of giving any credibility to an election of any type that was counted on a computer would be with a manual validation of the results immediately after the election of a sufficient quantity of randomly chosen voted paper ballots (which eliminates touchscreen voting all together) to determine the accuracy of the computer reported results. I could get more detailed but it really isn't that difficult. Arizona just passed emergency legislation for the 2006 election addressing this very issue. But I had to sue to get them to even pretend to implement the law while I was running for Secretary of State to bring attention to this issue, and there are still lawsuits pending in Arizona that will have many election officials having to stay after school when it is all over.
I know all of the bullet points given to those on the front lines by the puppet masters and I can tell when I am being bullshitted just like most Americans can. For days I have been following up on leads given me by election integrity activists and GOP activists her in Iowa that have been directed to me on this issue or I to them.
I have seen the wide support for the Ron Paul campaign but I know what is going to happen. The Military Industrial New World Empire Order of (fill in the blank here) will not allow the people to deny them the ability to finish with the largest bank robbery of all history,... In My Not So Humble Opinion.
I just talked to Aaron Russo today (his battle with cancer continues, warm thoughts and prayers are due him for his efforts and accomplishments), Aaron Russo is the producer of the movie "America: From Freedom to Fascism". I've known Aaron for years and he has been committed to sharing what he believes is at the core of what has gone wrong in America. I called him today to share with him what i have witnessed across the country as I travel for the RonPaulRevolution. In every city I've been in where Dr. Paul speaks in several states, the most cheered position of Ron Paul is the elimination of the Federal Reserve. Even more than the Iraqi War issue (a close second,... but still clearly second). This has been a surprise to many first timers to these events. I started to notice it when it was pointed out to me at the Las Vegas Rally in early July. Last night in Fairfield, Iowa I heard the same response from hundreds of people living in the middle of a state with nothing but cornfields around them as far as the eye can see.
I think Aaron and Dr. Paul, and many others that understand what has  happened to America, are right, the most productive country in all human history has been plundered to the bone and it is time for another r3VOLution.

Aaron's movie has doe exactly what he had hoped. It has provided an historical record of what has happened, how and the all important WHY. The courage of Congressman Ron Paul to be even a small part of the film, long before he made the decision to run for president, is just another testament of his character. His willingness to take on the biggest and the baddest is the trait most required in a any type of revolution.
I want to take this opportunity thank both men for what they have already done. Aaron, you have already accomplished what you set out to do. You were were right to take on this project and see it through. You will live forever in the hearts of those that understand how important it was to help educate so many that were needed. Thank you!
But I am of the opinion that the bad guys have no intention of "playing fair". I am amazed at the resistance to the idea that the same people that would wage needless wars, spy on innocent people, steal property, counterfeit money (to name but a few things) in an ever increasing spiral of domination and plunder, would somehow be ethically restrained from committing the election fraud that helped make it all possible.
I am very comfortable sharing my opinion about the Iowa Straw Poll being held this Saturday, August 11th 2007..... 'If the 'bad guys' _can_ get away with reporting results that show less support for Ron Paul than is really there, _they will_!'
I did my best to determine the method of validationg the election results and could get no "official" response until today. Mary Tiffany is the Iowa State GOP Communications Director. After finally getting her on the phone and introducing myself as a visiting radio talk show host from Phoenix she was kind enough to take my questions seriously and promised to get back to me today. I had planed to arrive at their downtown office in Des Moines should she not call me by 4:30pm Iowa time. I was on my way to the Iowa State GOP HQ when I received Mary's call at 4:35pm. She was clear and straight to the point. Each campaign was welcome to have representatives witness the feeding of the paper ballots into the counting computers but that there would not be a manual count of any kind. I then asked what would happen to the original paper ballots. She asked me to hold for a moment while she checked. In our earlier phone conversation she said that I needed to talk to "Eric" the Iowa State GOP's Political Director so I can only imagine she was likely getting directions from him. She came back on the line to say that the paper ballots would remain with the machines and would not elaborate further. I asked if the paper would be destroyed and she would not/could not answer.
So there you have it. The same machines that California just decertified 3 days ago and Florida is in the spot light about as well, are going to be used to determine the future of the very people behind the computer printouts for the election results.
It has become very clear to me why a small state like Iowa is made the first state. The local party charges $35 for _any_ Iowan that is old enough to vote in the 2008 election to cast a ballot. This fundraiser for the Iowa GOP is worth millions in direct and indirect revenue for the GOP here and the businessmen and rocking the boat that brought the money isn't going to happen.
So what should be done? I am of the opinion that the education of the people of Iowa and the country has already started to happen and the net benefit for the revolution is worth all of the effort no matter what is reported by the Live Free or Diebold Computers. But I encourage us all not to be deterred by a muted result of the people's voice. The Bad Guys hear us and they are very worried that their time is near an end. But their fear also makes them very dangerous in too many ways to count. So the only advice I have is for us to keep doing exactly what we have been doing,... ignoring them. Their rigged polling, their rigged elections, their bias media, their fearmongering and warmongering are all signs of defeat and I am very encouraged by the awareness of most of the activist supporting Ron Paul.
However, there are still some that seek some kind of sanction from the very people that would suffer greatly from a Ron Paul presidency,... Why? Their opinion matters to me far less than almost any Junior High School student. Heck,... it'll likely be an 8th grader with some inside information and a Blog that will be the final straw that breaks through the mind fog of an entire generation.
For those of you that have not been to an event where hundreds show up with only 24-48 hours notice of a Ron Paul appearance that has every demographic represented, I encourage you to go to one when you have a chance. You'll understand that you are already free,... you just have to work to make certain that the Bad Guys realize it,... Heh, I didn't say it'd be easy, nothing worth while is.

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Comment by Barbara Klaassen
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g So, Archie 1954, after you deal a deathblow to the GOP, who are you going to vote for and elect to be president while it reorganizes, Hillary Clinton or Barak Obama? This country cannot take 4 years under either of those two any more than it could take Rudy Guliani or Mitt Romney.

These are desperate times for our country and it's citizenry. If our freedoms are to survive along with our prestige amonthe family of nations, Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate.

So much of his first term will have to be spent cleaning up the mess the neocons and the Chimp have made of our laws and re-establishing the checks and balances between the three branches of government, right after he BRINGS THE TROOPS HOME.

More than ever before he will need our support and activism where the Congress and Senate are concerned to insure that they cooperate with his efforts to return us to a Constitutional Republic. They will need to know that they will be sent packing if they keep pandering to their former owners and handlers.

Don't hold your nose and choose between the lesser of two evils; it is still evil. You have a real choice this time. It may very well be your last and only chance to turn things around for the better. Your children and grandchildren will thank you.

Comment by Bob Smiley
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Unfortunately from what I've seen the whole Grotesque Old Party is corrupt to the core and having one good guy is not going to change that. Evil has a way of proliferating because there are no limits imposed on it. You must deal that Party a deathblow to get its attention then maybe you will be able to rebuild something decent and worthwhile.

Comment by Glenn Johnston
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I have been a fan of Ron Paul and his writings for many years. Back in the 60's, I was active in the College Republican Club, but certainly changed over time to the Libertarian viewpoint and last voted when Harry Browne ran. I can't believe that I will be registering as a Republican prior to the AZ primary.

Comment by Ed Vallejo
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I'm suprised you didn't mention the concerted last-minute effort to put an exit poll team together.
more info HERE: