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Bill Gates is famous for speaking out of both sides of his mouth on an issue to lead you to a false conclusion. No, Bill, your "vaccines" have not saved millions of lives. In fact, on a net basis, they have killed a lot more people than they coul

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-- Heavy on Virtual Reality and AI Technologies, Light on Privacy Concerns Claiming a sense of urgency around "reimagining" education, the World Economic Forum sees a future that includes a heavy dose of virtual reality and artificial intellig

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WEF in Davos kicks off with "The future is not just happening. The future is BUILT, by US. By a powerful community, as you here, in this room." The overinflated ego of Technocrats and Transhumans is beyond description, but if these madmen are no

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Finally, a billionaire gets the big picture that "Somebody's on the path to destruct America". The mother of all economic destructions is taking place because energy is intentionally being withdrawn from the economy. All economic activity is di

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Robert W Malone MD, MS - Substack

These WEF graduates have their primary alliances with a foreign entity, that being the WEF. They should register as foreign agents in my opinion. Are these the ones that "we the people" really want running OUR country?

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Davos is back! And now Klaus Schwab and the WEF want kids to learn all about curbing climate change…. in the metaverse! So, what are the WEF up to now, and how dangerous could their central role in the Metaverse be?

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