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Biden-Harris Deep Fake Administration

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Article Image, By Patrick Foy

Some of you no doubt have been waiting anxiously for my diatribe focusing upon Tom Friedman's latest column in the NY Times. Tom is the self-important, know-it-all NYT opinion writer who irritates me the most. Well here it is…

Article Image, by Daniel McAdams Editorial Director and Libertarian Institute Director Scott Horton takes the stage at the Ron Paul Institute's June Conference, "They Lie: Nihilism and the War on Truth."


Furious passengers rage at Pete Buttigieg over holiday travel flightmare as THREE THOUSAND flights are delayed or canceled today - leaving Fourth of July plans across nation in tatters

Article Image, By Karen Kwiatkowski

US state media the NYT, WP, NPR, and the main TV news corporations cautiously broaches topics they refused to touch a year ago.

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Ron Paul Liberty Report

More information released by the House Oversight Committee demonstrates even more influence-peddling and possible felonies committed by Hunter Biden and the entire family. Millions coming in from foreign governments to Hunter while his father was Vic