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Biden-Harris Deep Fake Administration

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Moon of Alabama has an article out on how an uncomfortable number of relatively restraint-oriented foreign policy officials have been exiting the Biden administration, while a China hawk has just been appointed the next chairman of the Joint Chiefs o

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Biden and McCarthy agree 'in principle' to raise $31.4 trillion limit for two years to avoid catastrophic default after months of negotiations

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The money that is not invested in healthcare, water, and social services for the people is being used to send 700 American troops to Peru to guard the lithium deposits on behalf of the corporations that fight against your right to unionize.

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A few days ago U.S. President Joe Biden announced the training of Ukrainian pilots for the F-16 multirole fighter aircraft:

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When the smoke finally clears, President Biden's Ukraine debacle will go down – along with Afghanistan and Iraq – as one of the greatest foreign policy disasters in US history. Hundreds of thousands have been killed on both sides in the service