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Biden-Harris Deep Fake Administration

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Article Image News Link • Global, By Susan Duclos

As the MSM grabs their pom-poms and continue to cheerlead for the Biden cabal, we see disturbing similarities between America present day, and other nations that have suffered severe economic crises and collapse.

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Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF), the second largest donor to Democrats, was arrested just one day before he was scheduled under a subpoena to appear before Maxine Waters, head of the Financial Services Committee and recipient of his donations, ...

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Bernie Sanders has withdrawn his bill to end US support for the Saudi war on Yemen following reports that the Biden administration was working to tank the resolution, with White House aids reportedly saying they'd recommend the president veto it.

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The London Times newspaper reported on Friday that the US has given Ukraine the "green light" to fire missiles deep into Russian territory, reportedly based on lack of Russian response to previous provocations. Are the neocons-in-charge determined to

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Twitter - Kim DotCom

Joe Biden crimes exposed by Marco Polo USA, a non-profit organization dedicated to exposing corruption. They have done the work the FBI was supposed to do on the Hunter Biden laptop and found hard evidence of multiple crimes committed directly by @Jo

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The Department of Energy (DoE) under fake president Joe Biden is bragging about a new $200 million grant that was given to a lithium battery company called Microvast, the claim being that it will help to expand domestic sources of green energy.

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While the FBI claims that it is bipartisan, their focus is on "mostly MAGA and related political activity as domestic terrorism." 80% of the FBI's anti-government "domestic terror" cases are MAGA related. They're "nonpartisan" because