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Biden-Harris Deep Fake Administration

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Article Image, By Jim Quinn

"Reflect on what happens when a terrible winter blizzard strikes. You hear the weather warning but probably fail to act on it. The sky darkens. Then the storm hits with full fury, and the air is a howling whiteness..."

Article Image by Paul Craig Rob

The Pentagon has appointed a Lt. General (3 stars) Terry Wolff to head a new Army headquarters in Germany with a staff of 300 US military members to coordinate security assistance for Ukraine.

Article Image, by Tyler Durden

Looking at pledges of military aid to Ukraine between Jan 24 and October 3, the U.S. government has committed to providing the most arms, weapons and other equipment by far.

Article Image by Mac Slavo

The United States is far from a free country as the illusion crumbles more every day. The "Ministry of Truth" is now back online. Leaked documents have revealed that the "paused" Disinformation Governance Board is once again, back online.

Article Image, By Robert Rapier

Last week, the Energy Information Administration (EIA) reported that distillate inventories were at their lowest levels since 2008. (The primary distillates are diesel, jet fuel ,and heating oil). However, in 2008 distillate levels were low coming ou

Article Image By Pastor Roger Anghis

The foundation that America was built on is in shambles. Our federal government no longer operates the way the Founders designed it to operate.

Article Image by Jacob G. Hornberger

One of the interesting aspects of President Biden's Inflation Reduction Act was the allocation of $80 billion in increased funding for the Internal Revenue Service, one of the most powerful and tyrannical agencies in U.S. history.

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