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Biden-Harris Deep Fake Administration

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Numbers USA says that a new bill, the US Citizenship Act, will allow 37 million illegal aliens to receive green cards and citizenship over 10 years. Labor intensive businesses support mass immigration because they want cheap labor while Democrats wan

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In a Thursday phone call Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pressed Vice President Kamala Harris on preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, among other regional security concerns, amid a series of conversations that Harris has held wit

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Humans are carbon-based life forms and they live in a carbon-based world while using carbon-based sources of energy to build a carbon-based economy. The Great Reset/Green New Deal, aka Technocracy, is anti-human and anti-civilization. ? TN Editor

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Joe Biden is giving so much money to states as part of the $1.9 trillion stimulus package that they're set to receive approximately six times more money than estimated tax revenue shortfalls across the country, according to Bloomberg.

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In his first publicly acknowledged military act as commander-in-chief, President Joe Biden orders an assault on Syria, and proves that when it comes to solving the many problems of the region, he's no better than Trump, or Obama.

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On orders of President Biden, the United States has launched an airstrike on a facility in Syria. As of this writing the exact number of killed and injured is unknown, with early reports claiming "a handful" of people were killed.

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According to breaking news reports, including by Reuters, President Biden has ordered and the Pentagon has carried out military airstrikes on Syria, attacking a structure inside the country that the US government claims houses "Iranian-backed" mi