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Economy - Recession-Depression

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Zero Hedge - Tyler Durden

Federal support remains essential, but is best targeted toward preserving the "circular flow" of the economy by supporting the basic incomes of families and incentives for productive investment, limited to those actually experiencing economic dam

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The Liberty Advisor - Tim Picciott

In this video we cover what I think about everything. We talk about the origins of the 2020 financial crisis and how that was actually rooted in FED policy dating back to late 2018… actually further than that but I didn't have all day to talk.

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As the economy plunges into depression with tens of millions of people unemployed, Walmart is taking no chances on losing its customer base and announced this week, it will start selling used clothing, shoes, and accessories on its website.

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For years, I have been warning that during the age of permanent stimulus (which began in earnest with the Federal Reserve's reaction to the dotcom crash of 2000), each successive economic contraction would have to be met with ever larger, increasin

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Until then men felt they had found the answer to a steady, orderly, civilized life. For 100 years the Western world had been at peace. For 100 years technology had steadily improved. For 100 years the benefits of peace and industry seemed to be filte

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WAM - Josh Sigurdson - Ron Paul

Josh Sigurdson talks with Former Congressman Dr. Ron Paul of The Liberty Report about the collapse of the global economy due to a stunning exaggeration and lie. As people are left without a job, will we see stagflation? Hyperinflation? How will peopl