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Washington D.C.

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We Are Change - Luke Rudkowski -

In this live report we streamed on the backup channel, we break down and show you insane footage from Washington D.C. where Trump supporters stormed the Capitol.

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The Washington Post reported, "Police said Tarrio, who was in custody Monday evening, also was charged with two counts of possession of high capacity ammunition feeding devices, which is a legal term for a firearms magazine that allows guns to hold

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Max Blumenthal, the investigative journalist of the world-famous counter-information site GrayZone was arrested last Friday in what he called "a politically motivated attempt to silence investigative journalism" by the DC Washington police.

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WASHINGTON, D.C. -- As Americans prepare to celebrate the Fourth of July holiday, their pride in the U.S. has hit its lowest point since Gallup's first measurement in 2001. While 70% of U.S. adults overall say they are proud to be Americans, this inc

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Beijing's announcement overnight that there are no plans for more trade talks with Washington has rattled global markets, and seeing as there's no positive trade news on the China front, the White House is giving a bullish headline about auto tariffs

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A full court press is taking place in Florida today (Presidents Day) with Republicans, Democrats, expatriates from Cuba and Venezuela and the fascist warmonger ministry of propaganda that constitutes the US media all denouncing Maduro and blaming him