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It's a gloomy day for Technocrats in Switzerland, which has imposed a nationwide ban on new 5G installation while demanding a thorough study on the health effects of millimeter waves on humans. Until produced, the ban will not be lifted. ? TN Edi

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Switzerland was among the first countries to begin deploying 5G, but health fears over radiation from the antennas that carry the next-generation mobile technology have sparked a nationwide revolt.

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Morgarten, Switzerland ?" Here, in 1315, a force of Swiss mountaineers ambushed an invading force of Austrian feudal knights who had come to reassert Hapsburg feudal rule over the rebellious Swiss.

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By Tom Knighton Bearing Arms

The Swiss are famous for a few things such as chocolate, clocks, and pocket knives. They're also well known for their neutrality. They want no part in what most of the world is doing, they just want to be left alone. For an individualist like me

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A stable foundation Swedish elections are usually fairly staid affairs and historically, have not been all that interesting from a market perspective. When it comes to economic policy, the differences between the mainstream centre-left and centre-ri

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For years, Russian oligarchs and robber barons seeking to park their "unsourced" capital offshore and away from the sticky fingers of the Kremlin, treated Swiss bank accounts (preferably anonymous) with their "no questions asked" customer pol

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Ever since ICO mania exploded in early 2017, Switzerland has served as Europe's de facto crowdsale launchpad. Financial authorities have welcomed crypto startups, and the likes of Tezos, Mysterium, and Arcblock have all heeded that call. Guidelines

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