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In a blow to press freedom and decency, a UK judge has today approved Julian Assange's extradition to the US to face espionage charges for his role in exposing US war crimes in Iraq and elsewhere. Also today: Biden wants to send ANOTHER $800 million

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The latest filing by Special Counsel John Durham, investigating Russiagate and the Hillary Clinton campaign, suggests the rabbit hole goes a bit deeper than we thought. One hates to sound like Rachel Maddow, but it is just that much more likely the w

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As a viral video last week showed college students in Chicago challenging journalists over the Hunter Biden business dealings, and more revelations around Russiagate come to light, why are the mainstream media not responding to the growing lack of tr

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What's the truth of the covid origins? A bombshell article by Vanity Fair based on more than 100,000 leaked documents uncovers some damning revelations.