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New York

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When President Donald Trump pardoned Steve Bannon in the closing hours of his presidency, it seemed like the right-wing media personality--and once chief strategist for Trump--had successfully evaded any repercussions for his involvement in a schem

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Migrant hotel employee reveals the 'free for all' of drugs, sex and violence inside New York City's The Row since it was closed to tourists to make room for border crossers

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New York City officials will be employing three new high-tech policing robots to fight crime, including a robot dog the FDNY will use for search-and-rescue missions.

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The Roman historian Suetonius described Julius Caesar as timid and noncommittal as he initially approached the Rubicon River - a shallow and narrow waterway that, at the time, demarcated the boundary between Cisalpine Gaul and Italy proper - in Janua


Donald Trump has been indicted by a New York grand jury, marking the first time in American history that a president – current or former – has been charged with a crime. New York court officials said Friday that Trump will be arraigned Tuesday a