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One week ago, long before almost anyone else realized just how serious the situation in the plains states in general and Texas in particular would be as a result of the cascade of soaring nat gas prices, we warned that all hell was about to break loo

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Awaken With JP

Reporting to you from Texas for a Snowpocalypse freezing news update! Get all the updates on the Texas power outage, freezing temperatures, water outages, and food shortages! You'll learn everything you need to know about the unprecedented Texas wi

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Texas was an independent country for 9 years before joining the United States, unlike California which was not recognized by other countries and immediately joined the United States. Texas was recognized by England, France and other European countrie

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OK. There it is in black and white and with an official bill number. As promised by secessionist Rep. Kyle Biedermann, R-Fredericksburg, House Bill 1359, the first step toward reincarnation of Texas as an independent country among the nations, was to

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