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Social Engineering

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Here is something that was thrown in my face at a relatively early age, as I began to think seriously and independently: So, the world is wrong and you're right!?

Article Image - Karen Kwiatkowski

It is no longer a matter of waking up. It is a matter for a serious discussions, in every household and in every family, in every organization, and around the world, about what might come next and how we might survive it.

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I can still remember the first time someone told me that they believed in the Calvinist doctrine of "the depravity of man." It shocked me. To complain about human behavior I very well understood; there's plenty of bad behavior in the world. But

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Next Big Future - Brian Wang

There is a common internet accusation. I write some articles on a topic and then there is some accusation if there is a financial connection. These question are from naive people who do not understand the internet, journalism or business or viable sc

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James Corbett - The Corbett Report

via RealityCheckRadio: Award-winning investigative journalist James Corbett from The Corbett Report beams in from Japan to talk about COP28 (Conference of the Parties) which was recently held in Dubai. James and Paul discuss the globalist influencers