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Deep State- Shadow Government

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You'd really think the American people would have caught on by now. No sooner did Russiagate fizzle out like a wet firecracker did the Democrats, completely indifferent to the dire consequences, toss another incendiary into the public square. Soone

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the Brennan / Comey / Clinton crimes explode onto the scene ...The lawless, desperate deep state is rolling out a series of so-called "whistleblowers" now, a scheme that appears to have no end in sight since none of these "whistleblowers" nee

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Press For Truth

In a bold and calculated move Patrick Byrne, former CEO of is going to war with the deep state! His mission is to save his assets and those of his peers before insiders within the deep state pull the plug on him. Byrne sold all of his s

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After falling out of favor with shareholders over his company's poor stock performance, comments about the "deep state" and his alleged relationship with Russian honeypot Marina Butina, Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne announced his resignation weeks ago.

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While the US under president Trump continues to avoid international entanglements and shun legacy ties with foreign allies - for better or worse - America's challengers in the global arena are taking advantage of the void left by the deep state's inv

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Former FBI employees Lisa Page and Peter Strzok, the once romantically-linked duo infamous for their anti-Trump text messages, conducted the initial agency review of disgraced ex-FBI chief James Comey's memos to determine whether the documents cont

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