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Deep State- Shadow Government

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This morning President Trump signed the Russia, Iran, North Korea sanctions bill, which restricts his ability to improve relations with any of the three countries absent explicit Congressional approval. Is the deep state in total control of US foreig

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Attorney General Loretta Lynch, another criminal in the long line of Obama administration minions. She is now accused of obstructing justice and is under a criminal investigation by the DOJ. Will this get legs or will the Deep State be able to kill t

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-Trafficking Cover-Up at St. Dept....Did you know that at the State Department they have an exorbitantly paid employee, of Middle East background, who is in charge of the sex-trafficking brochures for the State Department? Did you know that same pers

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By Michael Hart and StockBoardAsset

"If you do a worldwide survey of eclipse lore, the theme that constantly appears, with few exceptions, is it's always a disruption of the established order," said E. C. Krupp, director of the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, California. Tha