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to take over the drug retail industry...(Natural News) Is anyone surprised?, led by globalist profiteer Jeff Bezos -- also the owner of the America-hating fake news rag known as the Washington Post -- now wants to be your medication dea

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anti-American globalist George Soros... (Natural News) Marxist billionaire George Soros may be the most hated figure among the American Right and constitutionalists and populists who love their country. His continued efforts to organize and fund L

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To Gold As Super Wealthy Focus On Wealth Preservation"...The world is awash in crisis with wars looming, economies crashing and revolutions brewing. Doomsday bunkers sales are soaring and individuals from coast to coast are getting ready for whatev

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Elon Musk has plans to launch V-band low-Earth orbit (VLEO) constellation that would consist of 7,518 satellites which will follow the earlier proposed 4,425 satellites that would function in Ka- and Ku-bands. This global gigabit per second low la

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