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Demographic data can reveal all kinds of insights about a population, from the country's fertility and mortality rates to how certain events and policies have shaped the makeup of a population.

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A national poll finds that 20 million black Americans don't think it's "okay to be white," but the bigger outrage is a cartoonist talking about the poll.

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A new AP/NORC poll shows that support among Americans - of all political persuasion - for continued involvement in the Russia/Ukraine war continues to crater, suggesting increasing political risk for politicians who continue to toe the Biden Administ

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The number of people that define themselves as unaffiliated to a party or as "politically independent" is growing in the United States, raising the question of whether the highly polarizing two-party system is still working.

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For Republicans to take control of the U.S. Senate, they'll need to flip at least one seat currently held by Democrats. That's looking increasingly likely, as the Republican challenger in Nevada is pulling ahead of the incumbent Democrat in the lates

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by Martin Armstrong

Truss inherited a beaten-down United Kingdom. The Bank of England declared that a recession was inevitable, sterling continues to fall, pension funds are evaporating, and the death of the queen caused an overall feeling of pessimism.

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-- Radical Leftist Katie Hobbs In General Election A new 2022 Arizona Gubernatorial poll shows Trump-Endorsed Kari lake leading Democrat Katie Hobbs by close to five points just over a month before the November 8 General Elections.

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Despite relentless propaganda and juicy threats of impending arrests, a new poll of Americans shows the January 6th "insurrection" hearings are not shifting any opinions on the event. Also today, US warns starving Africa not to buy food from Russia.