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When Americans finally see the polycrisis of doom as a coordinated battle plan to destroy them and their country, it will be too late to undo the personal damage, much less the damage to freedom and liberty....

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When I first wrote about Neom in October 2017, it was a crazy, whacked-out idea for a pop-up city in the desert of Saudi Arabia: 170 kilometers long (105.6 miles), 200 meters wide, and 500 meters high. When completed, it will be 33 times the size of

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John Whitehead clearly explains the nuts and bolts of Scientific Dictatorship and the digital panopticon that provides the control grid. However, the government is the patsy of Big Tech, which is the driving force for Technocracy.

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Biometric identification solutions have become firmly established in our everyday lives, whether at security checks at airports or through facial recognition on smartphones – and the next generation is already waiting.

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Thinking people should ditch the left-right rhetoric and look beyond their noses to see the Technocrats who are playing all sides against the middle. Technocrats have used Republican administrations just as adroitly as Democratic ones. The singular c

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A fundamental part of "how people lived" is the technology they created and used. We've been covering this in our previous lessons, but this lesson will go into it further.