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There is a type of AI software that can use a photo of you to find the actual video of you taking that particular picture for social media apps like Instagram, it uses facial recognition technology while searching open location CCTV cameras world wid

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QORTAL Project Official

Please enjoy this recent presentation of QORTAL by Mike Winner at CAUSE FEST in Nashville, TN. Mike discusses the need for decentralized solutions as a counter to the growing technocratic global state and how personal sovereignty is at stake if we d

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...this system of governance by technological experts and their technology would also involve a loss of privacy, as well as centralization of power and the management of all human behavior. Although the term appears to have been largely forgotten, th

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Transhumanism is a "techno-industrial suicide machine is staffed by humans who appear not to recognize that their joint mission is programmed to end in collapse." Yet, it the ideology is so pervasive and deceptive that a great percentage of the w

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