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Truth Stream Media - Aaron and Melissa Dykes

As context is very important for all videos; this message is to confirm that the purpose of this video is reporting on or documenting the content. Note that we make an effort to research for context and cite our sources when necessary.

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DNA is the foundation of life and is found throughout the environment. Because of shedding, humans leave a continuous trail of DNA that can be measured and sequenced. Genetic scientists have now discovered how to easily sequence environmental DNA, ca

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In this video, I interview investigative journalist James Corbett about false narratives, the global takeover by technocracy, controlled opposition and the dangers of artificial intelligence, as well as the solutions to these and other challenges.

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Technocracy's war on food is persistent, crushing and totally mean-spirited. It has nothing to do with "saving the environment" or preventing global warming, but rather seeks population reduction and subjugation. The EU, an emerging Technocracy

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As technology has disrupted key elements of society, Technocrats have taken advantage of the chaos to not only implement their own agenda but also to erect barriers to competition or resistance. If this had been recognized early enough, it could have

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Fatalism abounds. The human and environmental cost of making EVs is enormous. There will never be enough availability energy to charge all the EVs currently envisioned by manufacturers. The outcome in America will be identical to the UK as reality sl

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To Technocrats, people " become nothing more than cogs in the WEF's great trans-humanist, technocratic machine." This mechanistic thinking is at the root of Technocracy, which seeks to control all resources on the planet, including humans. As s

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Wesley J. Smith has correctly pegged the WHO as an emerging public-health Technocracy, aka Scientific Dictatorship. As a principal agency of the UN, the WHO seeks to control all public health policies and products on planet earth: a universal nanny?