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The journalist has no idea about Technocracy, but I do. Since 1932, Technocrats have displayed contempt for elected politicians and the Constitution. Fauci's backhanded slap that Trump is an amateur layperson clearly displays this mindset.

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On July 23, 2004, I addressed the fifth annual Freedom 21 Conference in Reno, Nevada. Freedom 21 was the first coalition of limited government/private property advocacy groups. Freedom 21 eventually sponsored 10 national conferences and educated and

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Bloomberg is a member of the Trilateral Commission which brought Technocracy to the modern world. Yang is a consummate Technocrat from Silicon Valley. This would be the most dangerous combination in our nation's history. ? TN Editor

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The World Economic Forum is totally supporting all of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), aka Technocracy. Here is an A to Z analysis of each SDG and what they really mean. Please take time to read through each point, listen to each s

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The Coronavirus is wreaking havoc in China, not only with the people suffering and dying, but also with its economy and political system. Everything that Technocrats had hoped to achieve with China, is now on its own deathbed with irregular heart bea

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We all know the existential threat that technocracy poses to the human species. So what's the solution to this problem? Joining us today to discuss this issue is Derrick Broze of who has just published How to Opt-Out of t

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Here is a writer who understands Technocracy and applies it in the right context to the current state of the world: Technocracy hates individualism and is all about the "common good" and total control over society. ? TN Editor

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Technocrats have long since hijacked the American education system for their own agenda. What once was a system of actual education of students has now become a system intended to produce nothing more than conditioned Technocrat workers.

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The concept of "smart growth" was a brilliant marketing strategy that was introduced in the early 1990s as an alternative phrase for Agenda 21. Americans don't like to be included into "agendas" they did not create or approve of, but they i