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The only way that Technocrat global warming alarmists can deal with opposition is to bully, belittle, marginalize, name-call, etc. There is no discussion or debate. This only proves that the entire global warming mantra is as phony as a three dollar

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Bloomberg is a consummate Technocrat, dedicated to transforming the world's economic system into Sustainable Development, aka Technocracy. He was quietly appointed to the UN position to create a capital flow of $100 billion per year, to be invested

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Eric Schmidt, chairman of Alphabet which owns Google is also a member of the elitist Trilateral Commission. This group was singularly responsible for bringing China into the modern world in the 1970s, and then building it up to be a super-power. Chin

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Pre-crime is taken to a new extreme to smoke out child abuse situations but to get there, millions of citizens will suffer privacy abuse.Many false positives will also be wrongfully abused. It this trading one kind of abuse for another? Indeed, Techn

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Data mining and data fusion of disparate databases plus advanced identification technology like DNA and facial recognition, is all laser-focused on putting every citizen under the microscope for signs of dissent. Dissenters are punished and branded a

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Activists in Los Angeles should be hounding its city council day and night to stop these devilish negotiations to create the "smartest city" in America that would follow the China model of Technocracy. Public-Private Partnerships are a spawn of t

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