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Technocrats invent because they can, not because there is any moral target in view. Ingesting any tampered or man-made food or drug should be thoroughly tested in a controlled population before releasing to the public.

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UBI is a basic tenet of historic Technocracy, except that it was specified as an energy-based currency. However, if UBI is implemented, it can be converted to energy currency in a heartbeat, and nobody would have anything to say about it. ? TN Edit

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Scientism is a religion that is at the base of both Technocracy and Transhumanism. It elevates science and the Scientific Method to a level of godhood where the scientists and engineers are the priesthood. This article succinctly debunks Scientism.

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Technocrats think nothing of continual surveillance because they believe they have something like a universal right to collect all data everywhere. It never occurs to them that people have rights that protect them from people like themselves. ? TN

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The United Nations is the primary driver of Technocracy on a global basis, through Sustainable Development, Green Economy and Natural Capitalism. It is also notable that Rockefeller family interests have used the UN for their dream of domination ove

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