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Yet another hit piece has been published blasting "anti-vaccine" influencers for sharing viewpoints that go against the status quo. This time, the article was published by The Center for Public Integrity, which claims to use investigative reporti

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I wrote this piece on May 10, 2011. It was a look back at 1975 media coverage of global weather:

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Misinformation, i.e., wrong claims innocently made, and disinformation, i.e., wrong claims willfully made, have long consorted to create propaganda, a distorted worldview designed to achieve some political goal.

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They want you to believe you are incapable and need their help, while they turn on the mic, the camera, implant subliminal messaging or frequencies, and spy on you through constant surveillance systems running across the entire grid.

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No More Fake News - jon Rappaport

It should obvious to all but the most addled minds that television news anchors, their script writers, and editors never question the following (false) assertions: