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In an editorial last week, The New York Times called for an investigation into the attack on Russian dissident Aleksei Navalny, who was recently transported to Germany in a coma after apparently being poisoned.

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This is part of a pattern: keep "scientific details" close to the vest; keep them "in-house"; don't permit large-scale independent studies that will either confirm or deny basic tenets of official research...COVID is a fraud from top to bot

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There are many good reasons to be very skeptical about practically everything we are being told about the WuFlu (don't dignify this bug by using the term we are being told to use – "COVID-19"- which sounds so much more impressive and scientif

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Benford's Law states that, in naturally occurring systems, the frequency of numbers' first digits is not evenly distributed. Numbers beginning with a 1 occur roughly 30% of the time, and are six times more common than numbers beginning with a 9.

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Liberal news outfits and organizations must learn how to exercise utmost editorial honesty, says Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson, adding that the outfits should start by calling the recent spate of violence on the streets of America for what they