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Article Image - By Jeffrey I. Barke, M.D.

What seems universally clear is that no one is taking into account that the vast majority of us have immensely powerful immune systems that play a critical role in keeping us healthy and alive.

Article Image by Joseph Mercola

May 31, 2020, I posted an interview with three vitamin D experts in which we discuss the importance of vitamin D for preventing COVID-19 infection. A few days earlier, May 27, CNN published a report1 that could have deadly consequences if believed, c

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The media herd has always committed an astonishing degree of statistical malpractice, but it has become even more acute in their coverage of COVID-19. Something is clearly amiss with journalism schools. Or is it a problem of reporters being too laz

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The Blaze

A lesson in media literacy: This Blaze article begins "Researchers at Stanford University suggest that the lockdowns have been an overreaction" and proceeds to discuss Stanford's recent serology testing. Here's the problem, Blaze doesn't provide

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Ever since the start of the coronavirus crisis, my wife and I have been turning on Bloomberg News at 5:30 AM Pacific time to watch it during our morning exercise, even though watching it is bad for our indigestion and mental health.

Article Image, Jon Rappoport

Jon Rappoport, who has studied epidemics and pandemics for 35 years, marshals the evidence in this series of podcasts that the Covid-19 pandemic is one of the most colossal deceptions the world has ever seen.