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RINO Tennessee Governor Bill Lee has called a special session of the Tennessee legislature to persuade them to pass a horribly egregious Red Flag gun confiscation law. Bill Lee is not a conservative; he is not a constitutionalist; he is a wolf in she

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Special Counsel Jack Smith's office wants to put former President Donald Trump on trial for his attempted coup in January next year--a move that, if approved by a judge, could brand him a felon before the biggest GOP presidential primaries.

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I'm not sure whether Donald Trump has ever heard of Eugene Debs, the austerely incorruptible early leader of America's Socialist Party. But I think there's a growing likelihood that their two names will soon be paired in many news stories as we

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DEVELOPING STORY: President Trump is on his way to Washington, D.C. where he is expected to be arraigned on charges related to his opinion of the 2020 presidential election.

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