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Update: Well, as we said earlier, "we doubt Trump will agree with the left's characterization of the tweets as a concession", and sure enough just an hour after tweeting that Biden "won because the Election was Rigged", which most liberal and Anti-Tr

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When news first broke about the headline numbers from Pfizer's vaccine trial on Monday morning, we couldn't help but wonder how the Trump Administration and the White House had seemingly been left out of the loop.

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Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany has earned even more scorn from her MSM reporter-adversaries over the past couple of days for sharing poll-watcher affidavits calling into question the results in Michigan and other swing states that broke away from t

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Watch this video of Fox News anchor Sandra Smith as she expresses her elitist contempt after a Trump supporter dares question The Mighty Fox News Channel's decision to declare His Fraudulency Joe Biden the winner of a hotly contested presidential e