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Gov. Ron DeSantis made good on his promise to take action against the environmental, social and corporate governance movement (ESG), which he called an "alarming trend" and a threat to the American economy.

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When we look at upside down wealth pyramid below, I have a big problem with the picture it promotes. It is clearly based on someone's opinion of what investments are safe. The one thing it does well is to scream that some investments have a high degr

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Zero Hedge

Pension savers are crushed by interest rate repression and the changing demographics of Covid, while the deluge of debt fuelled by low rates does nothing for economic sustainability...

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Say you're running a big pension fund that according to the politicians who are handing out ultra-generous benefits to public sector employee voters has to generate 7% annual returns in order to meet the resulting obligations.

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In 2017, I wrote an article discussing the "Unavoidable Pension Crisis." At that time, most did not understand the risk. However, two years later, the "Unavoidable Pension Crisis" has arrived.

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With stocks staging a remarkable bear market rally in the past week (even Goldman now says this is not the bottom and the impressive move of the past week is just another bear market rally), which reversed the fastest ever bear market, and pushed the