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CDC-Center for Disease Control

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Water fluoridation is one of the biggest public health failures of the 20th century. Despite solid scientific evidence of harm, politics and public relations have kept the practice alive.

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For this piece, we have to enter the official world (of the insane)--where everyone is quite sure a new coronavirus was discovered in China and the worthless diagnostic tests mean something and the case numbers are real and meaningful.

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The Center for Disease Control publishes data regularly for Covid-19 the novel coronavirus pandemic sweeping the world.

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Dr. Allison Arwady took over Chicago's Public Health Department in January and now is on the front line of Chicago's response to COVID-19. During a press conference last week she said that Chicago's health department is "moving towards this m

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Tainted test kits provided to the states by the CDC created huge inaccuracies in COVID-19 reports, exacerbating policies leading to further destruction of the U.S. economy. Who will hold these bumbling fools accountable for their actions? No one.