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Joe Biden's recent comments are alarming. Directed Energy Weapons are very real. Evidence of a CCP Satellite over Maui is known. As is the phenomenon of the lasers being unable to ignite the color blue.

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The Historic Battle for Peace and Democracy. A Third World War Threatens the Future of Humanity

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by Melkulangara Bhadrakumar

The spectre of Armageddon has been raised often enough during the 2-year old war in Ukraine that the reference to it in Russian President Vladimir Putin's state of the union address on Thursday had a familiar ring about it.

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https://www.paulcraigroberts.orgPaul Craig Roberts

It appears that the pigmies in Washington have chosen the wrong country for the role of preferred enemy if there is truth to yesterday's reports that Russia has deployed or has in development an orbital nuke platform that can drop nuclear warheads