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On Sunday North Korea confirmed launched two short-range missiles off its east coast overnight, which marks the 12th missile test this year, and comes just ahead of South Korean and American forces kicking off annual joint military drills Sunday.

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Putin 'brings his nuclear football' - a briefcase with all the documents he needs to launch a devastating attack - as he tours space port with Belarus dictator Lukashenko and says Russia will never again depend on the West

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While we in the firearms industry brace for the Biden DOJ to release their new "ghost gun" regulation, the corporate media has been hard at work spinning up their propaganda machines to defame companies that enable citizens to make their own firearms

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In a significant escalation that is sure to have huge impact not only on the prospect for direct Russia-NATO military confrontation but also Europe's energy crisis and natural gas showdown with Moscow, Germany has approved "tanks" for Ukraine.

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In just a decade, 3D-printed guns have come a long way from the single-shot "The Liberator" pistol published online for the world to download in 2013 by Cody Wilson's Defense Distributed to a fully functional 3D-printable semiautomatic pistol carbine

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The Russian war in Ukraine has very belatedly sent one lead NATO country into a defense spending spree. Before the Feb.24 invasion, Germany wouldn't so much as let its weapons be transferred to Kiev via allies - wanting to present a sense of neutrali

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Secret airfield near Ukrainian border is getting 17 flights of weapons A DAY as West sends in 17,000 anti-tank missiles: Psaki admits there are 'challenges' getting fighter jets including Soviet-era MiG-29s to Zelensky to bolster firepower

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