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Elon Musk Rewind -

The leading space company, SpaceX, is collaborating with the UnitedStates Air Force on a massive air defense project that is expected to cost over $102 million.But this project is beyond anything anyone has ever imagined.So, are you excited to know m

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In an apocalyptic, grid-down situation, survival should be your top priority. Criminals will take advantage of the lack of law enforcement, meaning you can expect looters to ransack stores and neighborhoods.

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Are there specific instances we can find of weather manipulation being used by militaries against their opponents? To begin our discussion, let us first look back to 1946 when the first man-made snowstorm took place.

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Smart guns, or firearms that can identify the correct user, sound an awful lot like the solution to a lot of problems. It's something anti-gun forces have wanted to see a long time and, frankly, it seems like something a lot of pro-gun people should

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