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Tens of thousands of people are claiming that they are now suffering from some sort of 'secret technology' the government is using against them that is making them delirious and experiencing mind-altering symptoms. Victims come from many differen

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Weapons Ban...Today a congressional hearing was held regarding a proposed assault-weapons ban. Reportedly emotions were high and Dianna Muller testified she would not comply with an assault ban. Muller "served in the Tulsa Police Department for 22

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The truth is emerging four decades after the fact: the Carter administration knew of a clandestine Israeli nuclear test in the 1970s, but turned a blind eye, Foreign Policy reported this weekend, based on new analysis of declassified government docum

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Researchers at the University of Buffalo (UB), funded by the Army Research Office (ARO), have developed a new plastic that could be used for advanced body armor, combat helmets, ballistic plates, and or even armor for vehicles.

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The US Air Force is looking to shift to just making multiple next-generation technology fighters. They will not endlessly hone requirements for some super fighter that would be built in 25 years. The Air Force would rapidly churn out aircraft with ne

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The authoritarian dystopian future has been here for a while now, but this is simply more evidence of humanity's disregard for freedom and independence. The United States government has demanded that Apple and Google (who are both politically biase