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Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday that Moscow would deploy new Avangard hypersonic glider warheads in the "coming months," adding that Russia's hypersonic program is the most advanced in the world, according to a new report from the Fina

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The global rollout of 5G is well underway, and we soon may see new small cell towers near all schools, on every residential street, dispersed throughout the natural environment, and pretty much everywhere. But the safety of this technology is in seri

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China is developing a dual-purpose laser-equipped low-Earth orbit satellite. The program was launched earlier this year, is aimed at increasing Chinese surveillance of maritime traffic and unparallel anti-submarine warfare detection in the world's oc

Article Image News Link • Global, by Tyler Durden

First discovered by The Drive on Friday, new footage has surfaced on social media showing the Chinese military testing three hypersonic glide vehicles from a high altitude balloon. The footage is a reminder that a hypersonic arms race is indeed under