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By John Farnam

Ft Collins, CO - "Is it 'Legal?'" I've written about this subject before, but the question keeps coming up in classes. Inevitably someone asks: "When this or that is going on, and this or that circumstance is extant, can I

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DARPA wants to deploy automated drones as coordinated swarms to "isolate an urban objective"

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By John Crump

U.S.A. - We all like to shoot, but sometimes the budget will not allow people to get that new HK or that Daniel Defense. After almost every day of getting the same question about what is the best budget firearm on the market, I decided to go on a q

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North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un announced he will halt nuclear and missile tests in his country and will shut down a nuclear test site as a show of good faith. It is unknown if the tests will conclude permanently. Kim Jong-un will meet with the lea

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Inspectors from the Organization for the Prevention of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) have finally arrived in Douma, Syria, to assess whether a gas attack took place earlier this month. It has taken a week for the inspectors to begin their work, as charges

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By Nick Dahlberg

USA – In the aftermath of the Parkland shooting, there's been a fierce debate on how to best protect our schools. This conversation often arises after school shootings, and undoubtedly, gun control comes up as one of the "solutions" for prote

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The United States Army wants to develop a system that can be quickly integrated and deployed into its weaponized drone fleet to automatically Detect, Recognize, Classify, Identify (DRCI) and target enemy combatants and vehicles using artificial intel

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