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DSG Technology has 12.7 mm supercavitating ammunition which give them unique capabilities from standard weapons* air to water, water to water and water to air, with exceptional materiel penetration and AP and at low angles.

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President Trump vehemently denied an NBC report that he called for a ten-fold increase in US nuclear weapons at a meeting this summer. Calling it "fake news," the president reportedly threatened NBC's broadcast license. Is this really "fake news"? Or

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It is quite common for many critics of Hollywood to raise the image of product placement. It is as though seeing an indirect or even a blatant advert in a film somehow detracts from their movie-going experience. In films of $100M+ budgets, on top of

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The Trump Administration has just expelled several Cuban diplomats in Washington and suspended visas for Cubans wishing to visit the United States over reports that US embassy personnel in Havana have been attacked by some kind of mystery "sonic weap