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It appears as if some kind of explosion blew three huge holes in the NordStream I and II pipelines near Danish waters. Massive leaks are showing up on the surface of the Baltic Sea. Whodunnit? Would Washington blow up Russia's pipeline? Germany? Russ

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Germany -- German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is a real life Lt. Cmdr. Philip Francis Queeg -- the fictional USS Caine commander in Herman Wouk's 1951 Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, The Caine Mutiny.

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Has the stage been set for some unknown disaster? At 2:52mins German Govt. Official says, on Sept 24, 2022 you will remember where you were for the rest of your life. At 3:50mins Denver office of emergency management is handing out emergency backp

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The EU has weaponized the supply of European energy on behalf of a financial racket, against the interests of European industry and consumers.

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So, it's official. On Wednesday, August 24, New Normal Germany's Bundestag rubber stamped the government's latest revision to the so-called "Infection Protection Act"