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Internal Revenue Service

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The Biden administration is expected to propose giving the IRS $80 billion and granting the agency more power to track down tax evasion by high-income individuals and corporations, according to the New York Times, citing 'two people familiar with the

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It's incredible to think that while giving away trillions of dollars, the U.S. government may have misplaced some of it without anybody noticing. That is what several tax preparers are claiming; notable that the IRS has sent "millions of checks" to t

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A US tax court judge is allowing a whistleblower complaint to proceed against the Clinton Foundation after finding that the IRS "abused its discretion" when it attempted to dismiss allegations of wrongdoing by the nonprofit. The judge found that

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The US purports to be the land of free speech, but you can always expect politicians to carve out exceptions. Just look at how government agencies such as the Internal Revenue Service can slither their way into the political affairs of individuals an

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"We are concerned about the ability of the IRS to provide taxpayer assistance and process returns, as well as the ability of taxpayers, free tax preparation sites, and tax professionals to meet the filing deadline," reads the letter, according to McC