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The FBI targets mentally ill whites, then PROGRAMS them to carry out acts of extreme violence

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Part I of this article showed a conspiracy to smear Donald Trump with false allegations of collusion with Russia took place, with Hillary Clinton at its head.

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The next afternoon 2 cars arrive at my house with an FBI agent all dressed for war. Now they have a search warrant. The deputy Jonathan Loyd hands me the copy of the warrant and tells me to leave the house. I ask to get glasses to read the warrant. I

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It's not often that you see specialized vehicles that once belonged to the FBI pop up at a government auction, but if you're interested and have the money to spare you can put in a bid right now on a custom 27-ton command vehicle that the Bureau has

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In late December, pollster Scott Rasmussen released an interesting report. A poll conducted earlier in the month of 1,000 likely voters uncovered a welcome development: Americans don't trust or like the FBI.

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With Paul Manafort's explosive new book, Political Prisoner, we finally have a full and honest detailed account of how the U.S. government, the not-so-special Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and particularly the FBI treated anyone and everyone conn

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The Federal Bureau of Investigations called Ernest on Wed Jan 19th, 2022 about the January 6th event. Listened to shows Ernest did w/ Ed Vallejo and Todd Kandaris on Jan 6 and 7, but were interested in the texts between Ed and Ernest...