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Free Market

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"Resolve to serve no more and you are at once free." from 16th Century essay by Etienne de la Boetie, On Voluntary Servitude

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The truth is that individuals and companies should be able to trade with each other with absolutely no restrictions, interference, or comment of any type from governments. No quotas, no duties, no incentives… nothing.

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It's an emergency and, therefore, it's once again time for price-gouging idiocy and the further destruction of liberty in America.

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The Daily Bell

In the bad old medieval days there were masters, journeymen and apprentices. This guild system controlled many occupations. If you wanted to enter any of them you had to be approved of by the powers that were.

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Jacob Hornberger -

As I continue to emphasize, there is only one way out of the deadly coronavirus morass -- a free-market healthcare system. A genuine free-market healthcare system -- one in which healthcare and the state are totally separated -- one in which the g

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Price is the market mechanism that balances supply and demand. If supply increases, or demand decreases, or both, price will fall. Conversely, if supply decreases or demand increases, or both, price will rise.

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Eric Peters Auto

Colorado just passed a new law specially designed to advantage Elon Musk, Rivian and anyone else "selling" electric cars. They will be permitted to "sell" them directly to "buyers" (in air quotes for the same reason you'd put DMV "cus

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The Appalling Elitism of Dollar Store Bans What's really driving dollar-store bans? Could it be a simple lack of empathy?

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The following commentary might make your brain short-circuit. It claims that France has more market competition than the U.S., due to less consolidation of industry, which in turn is due in part to the EU being more aggressive about stopping market

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James Corbett-The Corbett Report

It's no secret that governments hate the free market. At its base, every single government tax, license, regulation and restriction is an implicit rebuke to the idea that humans should be able to interact freely with those around them.