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Islam-Islamic Affairs

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Exclusive: Tommy Robinson is being shipped to a high-security, Muslim-majority prison in which he'll be released to the general population despite inmates already making death threats against him, according to Robinson's spokesman Caolan Robertso

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Christian groups… wow...(Natural News) I don't expect the billionaire founder of Amazon to be in on every single marketing and product decision made by his massive company, but I do have to question Jeff Bezos' judgment when it comes to hiring

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President Donald Trump shocked millions when he won higher office calling for stricter immigration controls, including a wall on the southern border as well as a possible Muslim ban. Trump may have won in spectacular fashion, but the backlash remains

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Or Submit & Pay The Jizya...Will Muslim spokesmen in the West denounce this call as un-Islamic, or remain silent about it? I'm betting the latter, in light of passages like these that make it clear that al-Qadi is speaking in complete accord with t

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Yet another Muslim religious authority has inveighed against bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Late Tuesday, Egypt's Grand Mufti Sheikh Shawki Allam declared that digital currencies are "forbidden" by Islam and endorsed a ban on trading in Bi