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Courtroom and Trials

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The primary source of Hillary Clinton's hoax dossier used to paint Donald Trump as a Russian stooge wants a federal judge to dismiss charges filed against him for allegedly lying to federal agents about where he obtained salacious claims he fed the d

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Carefully indoctrinated hatred of Alex Jones is the basis for the $49 million civil trial award to an alleged parent who says he was defamed by Alex Jones' reporting about the alleged Sandy Hook school shootings.

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Earlier this month, a jury issued a $49 million judgment against the heroic Alex Jones for defamation. This is a chilling blow to free speech in our country.

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Driven by their extreme anti-Trump animus -- which rivals their extreme anti-Russia and anti-China animuses -- the anti-Trump crowd is up in arms over Trump's decision to take the Fifth Amendment in a deposition that was part of an investigation

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A court has ruled Alex Jones must pay $45 million in punitive damages in the case against him regarding his comments about Sandy Hook. So, what does the case against the Infowars creator and so called conspiracy theorist represent?

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It is not easy to defend an important principle embodied in the person of a questionable man.

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Southwest Airlines union "assassinated" conservative members on social media; now FORCED TO PAY out millions