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Courtroom and Trials

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The Democrat-run January 6th committee is set to hold its first hearings next week, kicking off a prime-time presentation to ring the shame bell on Trump supporters who breached the capitol while protesting the results of the 2020 US election.


The Vatican's financial trial took a series of surreal turns Thursday when a former suspect-turned-star witness was thrown out of the tribunal and a defendant asserted in court documents that she escorted two emissaries of Russian President Vladimi

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The latest filing by Special Counsel John Durham, investigating Russiagate and the Hillary Clinton campaign, suggests the rabbit hole goes a bit deeper than we thought. One hates to sound like Rachel Maddow, but it is just that much more likely the w

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Long Term Storage Foods

The following guidelines and resources are provided by Ed's Lawyer, Matthew Peed. As usual, time is of the essence so please take a moment this weekend to complete this task. If not, continued submissions will be valuable going forward.

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My late Friday night involved hitting refresh on PACER every so often, incurring the $0.10 charge for each search result as I waited on Special Counsel John Durham's latest filing in the Michael Sussman case. (Exciting, I know.)