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Courtroom and Trials

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Longtime Donald Trump advisor Roger Stone got served with a lawsuit related to the January 6th Capitol riot while he was conducting an interview on live radio – and made the most of the situation by calling it a 'fraud.'

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On Tuesday, France's top court overturned a decision by a lower court to dismiss charges against industrial giant Lafarge that it is guilty of "complicity in crimes against humanity" by funding terrorism in Syria, according to France24.

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Remington, the gun maker being sued by families who lost loved ones in the Sandy Hook shooting, is seeking school records for some of the first-graders killed in the massacre, according to court filings in the landmark wrongful death lawsuit.

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Law enforcement authorities are monitoring plans by supporters of former president Donald Trump to rally outside the U.S. Capitol later this month to argue that the hundreds of people charged in the Jan. 6 insurrection are political prisoners, an ass

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Earlier this summer, we highlighted a bombshell revelation concerning the federal fraud case against Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes. It appears that Theranos set a trap for the Feds that prosecutors walked right into. Here's what happened.

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Dr. SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD

You can listen to court proceeding by Zoom beginning at 2 pm EST Wed Aug 4th, Judge Wolf. The Defendants are now seeking to have the Court Silence/Seal the lawsuit itself, which is already in the public domain. They seek to conceal the infrastructur